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Southcreek Fine Homes, LLC


Nothing is more fulfilling than hearing someone say, “This is exactly what we wanted”. At Southcreek Fine Homes we pride ourselves in listening carefully to our customers and hearing their true vision, then working tirelessly to bring that vision to life. We are devoted craftsman who insure that each contractor, vendor or supplier achieves their part of the vision like a fine piece of art. We are sensitive to providing advice and guidance when needed or simply allowing the free flow of home design to happen.

We are long term successful business owners who understand how important customer satisfaction, budgets and timelines are to each and every family we build for. It is one thing to design and build a quality home and quite another to deliver the artistic essence of family’s dream.

We would be honored to help you design and build the home you see in your dreams or choose from the many, many plans we have to inspire you. We also have award winning architects and designers to lead you through the creative process to achieve the exact style and space you and your family desire.

Greg Verlander and Hugh Pitts